Sunday, April 10, 2011

Lots of New Instant Win Games

Wrigley's Vive tu Música with 5™ IWG & Sweepstakes
ENDS 5/1/11



Instant Win Prizes: 
  • (2) Apple® iPad® - (16 GB) $500
  • (25) XBOX® Kinect® Latin Dance $360
  • (50) Apple iPod Touch® - (8 GB) $240
  • (25) 5 Gum® - A year's supply (awarded as 70 packages of gum) $110
  • (75) 2 $50 Stub Hub® Gift Certificates $100
  • (100) Skull Candy® Ear Buds® (1 pair) $20
  • (125) Vive tu Música with 5™ Custom T-Shirt $15
  • (100) iTunes® Gift Card ($10 value) $10
Herbal Essences Lock In Your Look and Win
ENDS June 30, 2011


Instant Win Prizes:
  • TWENTY (20) FIRST PRIZES: A $25 Target® gift card. ARV: $25.
  • TEN (10) SECOND PRIZES: A $25 lululemon® gift card. ARV: $25.
  • TWENTY (20) THIRD PRIZES: A $25 Gap® gift card. ARV: $25.
  • TEN (10) FOURTH PRIZES: A $25 1-800-Flowers® gift card. ARV: $25.
  • TEN (10) FIFTH PRIZES: A $25 Gaian® gift card. ARV: $25.
  • TWENTY (20) SIXTH PRIZES: A $25 Macy's® gift card. ARV: $25.
  • FORTY-EIGHT (48) SEVENTH PRIZES: A $15 Panera® gift card. ARV: $15.
  • SEVENTY-FOUR (74) EIGHTH PRIZES: A $10 Starbucks® gift card. ARV: $10.
  • EIGHTY (80) NINTH PRIZES: An Herbal Essences Shampoo & Conditioner Set. ARV: $9.81.
Limit: One (1) Instant Win Game prize per person.

ENDS 6/20/11

After you get to the golfing lesson screen, there's something to click near the bottom (in read) to skip to the instant win game.  You don't have to do the golf game!


Instant Win Prizes:
Round 1 Instant Win Prizes (110 total): One (1) signed item from a Sponsor-selected golf professional and one (1) Dove Men+Care Retail Gift Pack (ARV: $110 each). (4/6-4/27)

Round 2 Instant Win Prizes (90 total): One (1) $50 GolfSmith Gift Card and one (1) Dove Men+Care Retail Gift Pack (ARV: $60 each). (4/28-5/15)

Round 3 Instant Win Prizes (90 total): One (1) $50 GolfSmith Gift Card and one (1) Dove Men+Care Retail Gift Pack (ARV: $60 each). (5/16-6/2)

Round 4 Instant Win Prizes (90 total): One (1) $50 GolfSmith Gift Card and one (1) Dove Men+Care Retail Gift Pack (ARV: $60 each).(6/3-6/20)

Cub Cadet - Learn. Choose. Play.
ENDS 6/24/11


Instant Win Prizes:
  • TEN (10) FIRST PRIZES: A Legacy Wall Clock. ARV: $100. 
  • FIFTEEN (15) SECOND PRIZES: An Ultimate Laptop Pack. ARV: $65. 
  • SEVENTY-FIVE (75) THIRD PRIZES: Nifty Fifty T-shirt, size, style and color determined by Sponsor, in its sole discretion. ARV: $15. 
  • SEVENTY-FIVE (75) FOURTH PRIZES: A Gnarly Flashlight. ARV: $15. 
  • THREE HUNDRED TWENTY-FIVE (325) FIFTH PRIZES: Meet the Mighty Mug. ARV: $7. FIVE HUNDRED FIFTY (550) SIXTH PRIZES: A 50th Flexi Key Ring. ARV: $4. Odds of winning an Instant Win Game prize depend on the number of prizes available divided by the number of eligible Instant Win Game plays. 
Limit: One (1) Instant Win Game prize per person.

AmPm Night at the Movies Sweepstakes & IWG
ENDS 5/31/11


Instant Win Prizes:
Grand Prize: (1 winner) $2,500 Best Buy gift card (Sweepstakes Prize)
First Prize: (600 winners) Two AMC Theaters Gold Experience tickets (ARV $15)

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I recommend starting with "Getting Started." That page contains some information to help you get started and provide the best chance of winning. Good luck!

About This Blog

I have really benefited from the advice of my sister-in-law, the queen of freebies! I have learned a lot and have decided it's time to start sharing. I plan to share links to contests and sites where you can win stuff for free. Instant win games have been my specialty so that is what I will share about first. There sadly are people who have found ways to cheat in those games, but I have legitimately won a lot of great stuff (ipods, gift cards, gaming systems, etc.) and it really is possible. I have just begun to enter blog contests and will share links to them, but am not yet proficient enough to share advice on them.

My first bits of advice to those who are new to contests:

1. Create an email that is just for contests
This is the MOST IMPORTANT advice. I say this because you WILL get spammed and your email will be shared. Not all sites will share your information, but many will and you just have to accept that. You must use a real email address and a real street address when you register for games because this is where they will send the prize if you win and the way they will contact you about your win.

2. Be persistent
You win by random luck most of the time, so the more you enter, the better your chances. Enter as often as the contest allows. Also, even if you don't win instantly, there is usually a sweepstakes involved and you are entered in that as well. I've won several times through the sweepstakes end of the game (most notably $100 gift cards to online stores!)

3. Timing is everything
Most instant win contests are based on a set time for winners. Random times are predetermined as winning times. If you sign in to play at that moment (or are the first after that predetermined time) you win. SO...if you wake up in the middle of the night, or get up early, etc., that is the time to enter. I have a bookmark folder called "Enter in the Middle of the Night". In that folder are the contests I really want to win and which seem reasonably possible to win, ie. lots of prizes. I open all the windows in that folder and enter all the contests in a matter of minutes (unless I just really need sleep!).

That is my initial advice. I'll add more ideas as they occur to me. Be sure to look at the sidebar (Places for Free Stuff) for links to sites where you can win! GOOD LUCK!